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    What to Expect from Historic Wedding Venues in Charleston

    Your big day is one of the most important moments of your life and that of your family. It deserves to be celebrated with a nuptial occasion that reflects who you are as a couple and a new family.  While some people opt for the more reserved, low-key event space options, an occasion as momentous as marriage deserves a location with equal significance.

    Churches are a common location for the ceremony, but they aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, especially for the ceremony itself and the reception. Another popular option is sourcing out a location that has natural splendor, like an ocean-side view or beautiful mountain landscape. Unfortunately, those are also hard to come by, especially on the east coast.

    So, for those who want to get a sense of history and significance from their marriage ceremony location, selecting historic wedding venues in Charleston is the perfect option!

    Why a Historic Inn in Charleston is the Ideal Place for Marriage Ceremonies

    When you are getting married, you will likely have an idea of what location is best suited for your BIG day. For example, you might see some ceremonies taking place in churches or on picturesque beaches. Both are beautiful locations, but they are commonplace choices and can actually seem less significant than an alternative location. In the wake of this, there is another popular option emerging for couples looking to embark on this important chapter of their lives: finding a building that has some history.

    Whether you want something simple or lavish, there are many options in South Carolina to choose from for your event. If you’re trying to choose the best historic inn in Charleston or the rest of South Carolina for your upcoming nuptials, you might have a lot of questions about what this location has to offer. While it may be difficult to find out exactly what each option can provide, there are some guidelines that will help you make an educated decision regarding your marriage celebration.

    The Amenities

    One of the most important things to consider when choosing a marriage ceremony location is what amenities are included with your rental. Some locations include catering, while others may only cover chairs and linens. With how hectic the Big Day really is, there are a lot of things that you just don’t have time for, so it really is a necessity to have these services provided. From catering and bar service to housekeeping to live entertainment and even historical tours, there are numerous amenities available at these buildings that help elevate the significance of your nuptial celebration!

    You should also consider the sites themselves when contemplating catering and hiring a DJ. Some locations are in a big open space with no walls, while others take place in old ballrooms with ornate ceilings and marble floors. Speak with the staff at the historically significant building you are considering, and ask about what you can expect from them before making a final decision.

    It’s not enough to find a space with a pretty exterior or impressive architecture. The site you choose has to have everything you want in terms of amenities, such as outdoor gardens for photo opportunities, interior chandeliers for that air of luxury, and some of the best food that South Carolina has to offer!

    The Location

    Location, location, location. It’s as important for weddings as it is for real estate. Choosing the right place for your nuptials can be a rather subjective decision and one that is often made much easier through research, deliberation, and communication. Although not everyone is excited by the actual significance of a historical building, they are often located in central areas that are easily accessible to people who may need to commute for the marriage service celebration.

    Additionally, the grounds surrounding these buildings are typically well-manicured by groundskeepers. These experts help preserve the beauty of the immediate landscape while also allowing a great outdoor space for guests to congregate when they need fresh air. Be sure to consider this aspect of the location before selecting your venue.

    The Setup

    Some options are in a big open space with no walls, while others take place in old ballrooms with ornate ceilings and marble floors. While the actual materials of your history-rich location will not be as expensive by current standards, the old wooden design and dated materials provide a unique spin on luxury that not even the most expensive, modern marriage celebration locations can offer.

    The History

    South Carolina is a state that is rich in history and central to the development of our great nation. It has plenty of places for couples to choose from when considering a location for a marriage ceremony, many with rich histories.

    Having your marriage day celebration at a history-laden location is also a great way of injecting that air of magic that you likely dreamed of when you were young. The beautiful architecture, timely furniture, and period-appropriate décor can take you back in time and to a place where these important ceremonies used to be held in much grander style. As you plan your special day, don’t forget about mansion wedding venues in Charleston, South Carolina, You’ll find that they offer an ambiance like no other.

    When you marry at one of the best historic wedding venues in Charleston, you can have a day that is unique. You can truly see history come alive. This is an experience that really cannot be captured by any other location than a historical building that has seen some of the most influential figures in American history sleep under the same roof.

    If this is the kind of significance and ambiance that you want to lend to your Big Day, then reach out to the location of your dreams. You deserve the perfect day.

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