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    Visiting a Wedding Venue: What to Look For

    Finding a location for one’s wedding is extremely difficult, because it is one of the things that will have perhaps the biggest impact on the look and feel of the day. This is why couples often spend quite a bit of time deciding on where they want to hold their wedding. Indeed, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration such as the size of the venue, the services offered, and the overall feel of the space. Whether couples are considering a modern hotel feel, an outdoor venue, or historic mansion wedding venues in Charleston, careful consideration of key factors will need to be applied. The list below provides couples with some key factors that should be considered when picking the perfect venue location.


    When visiting mansion wedding venues in Charleston for example, one should have a look around to see if the number of guests they’re planning on inviting would fit in the space. This may be obvious, but it is important to make a mental note of it, and consider not only seating but flow of the space as guest mingle and dance during the event. While a place may appear huge, one has to keep in mind that once the essentials for the wedding will be brought in, such as tables and chairs, as well as the band and buffet, it will become significantly less spacious.

    There are occasions in which one already has the wedding venue picked out, because it is an emotionally-meaningful place for them. In these cases, they should work backwards, tailoring the guest list to the space.

    Well-Defined Areas

    When visiting mansion wedding venues in Charleston, one should try to plan where different wedding activities will take place. For instance, where will the guests be dancing? Where will they be eating, and finally, where will they be drinking and socializing? If a room is too tiny to be divided into these sorts of sections, the party will most likely end up feeling quite cramped. In addition, it’s a good idea to have a look at where the columns or other similar obstructions are, so as to have an idea if they will reduce visibility of the dance floor.


    It is a good idea to have a look at the number of power outlets in the room, in order to ensure that the crew in charge of entertaining will be able to keep the fun going. While this step may not be incredibly important for venues that typically hold weddings, it is crucial for those venues that don’t usually host such events.

    The inspection of a potential wedding venue should be done thoroughly in order to ensure that one avoids inconveniences when the big day comes. Indeed, a wedding is a celebration of love and family, and your wedding venue can help to convey this feeling in a positive way.


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