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    Top 6 “I Do” Trends of 2021

    Planning on saying “I do” next year? Traditionally, when we think of our “big day,” it encompasses cake trends, color pallets, floral arrangements, and the excitement that comes with tying the knot. When looking for your “something old,” consider one of the many historic wedding venues in Charleston.


    Over the years, couples have transitioned from the typical options in exchange for more memorable experiences, thus creating overly-personal experiences designed to curate unique “moments” with guests. Finding creative ways to say “I do” continues to be at the forefront of any bride-to-be. Recent events may have set fire to some traditions, but out of its flames has risen the need for new and innovative experiences, design elements, and ideas that will capture the new couples’ fresh beginning.


    Let’s look at some of the top trends expected that’s sure to turn heads in 2021.

    1.    Welcome Boxes

    With the changing landscape of nuptials, traditional welcome bags are becoming a thing of the past, especially with guests requiring more essentials when attending. However, there are many ways to mix fun with functional items that will leave your guests covered through the night.


    It’s now the standard to have hand sanitizer and social distancing signs displayed and available at any event, so your guest’s entry touchpoint is a great place to add a little personal touch and make them feel loved on your special day.

    2.    Tented Spaces

    Unfortunately, couples are having to face the reality that indoor venues may be a thing of the past, at least for the foreseeable future. A beautiful alternative offered at many historic wedding venues in Charleston is utilizing tents. Providing a covered open-air environment is the ideal solution and the newest must-have option for brides-to-be.


    For an added touch with lighting, consider draping twinkling lights, or maybe add a little fog. Outdoor events have become very on-trend in 2020, with no signs of cooling off in 2021.  More couples are moving towards wanting options closer to nature and fresh air than they ever did before. If you’ve ever been to a tented event, they are arguably the most spectacular events to attend.

    3.    Elevated Virtual Elements

    Virtual nuptials have become very common over the past few months, and as we move into 2021, more couples are opting for virtual “I do” moments instead of postponing the big day. In the past, most couples only thought about the virtual component when dealing with invitations and RSVPs. Today, couples need to be even more creative. Trying to find ways to add flare to your Zoom nuptials and make it less like another meeting your guests have to attend can seem like an impossible task. Lean on your vendors, especially if your big day is at gorgeous mansion wedding venues in Charleston. Most vendors will jump at the idea of showcasing the location via Zoom festivities.  Also, consider adding an online cocktail hour; this will encourage your virtual guests to interact with one another and feel like they are there with you.

    4.    Tiny Toasts

    With smaller guest lists being a thing of the future, it’s an excellent opportunity to make time for more toasts during the celebrations. Typically speeches are reserved for the maid of honor to get emotional and the best man to bring up random awkward moments from the groom’s dating past. If you’re thinking of adding this element to your special day, consider asking your guests who may want to make a toast that way, you can cap the amount of time allotted.


    In contrast, some couples are opting to present tiny toasts to their guests as a way to say “thank you” for being a part of their special day.

    5.    Location is Key

    With more couples opting for smaller guest counts, the ability to be more creative with your event’s location is all the buzz. Brides are choosing more weekend-style retreats, with ceremonies that take place outside and include pre-wedding festivities.


    When deciding which historic inn around Charleston to host your event, check out what makes them different. Some offer unique historical touches, while others boast about their modern luxuries. Can you imagine anything more beautiful than saying “ I do” against the backdrop of a beautiful historic inn in Charleston? The sparking crystal chandeliers, dramatic fireplaces, and century-old curved staircase all set the stage for a grand entrance that’s sure to make your guest’s jaws drop.

    6.    Color is the new Neutral

    From mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses to dried flowers and sustainable options have become a new standard when planning to walk down the aisle. Think big, think bold, think wow-factor. Smaller guest lists mean more money in the budget to make those floral arrangements pop. Bring on the custom light display, horse-drawn carriages, and ice sculptures; you won’t want to miss out on an opportunity to add something absurd to your event. After all, thinking about all the photo memories you’ll have to look back on will make any decision worthwhile.



    If 2020 taught us anything, it’s essential to be flexible, which rings true for couples looking to tie the knot in 2021. Those brides hanging to their original plans for dear life; put down the binder and open the door to new possibilities.


    While some of these changes to traditional trends might not be what you envisioned your special day would look like, the most important part is saying, “I do.” Consider hiring a celebrity to sing the song to your first Zoom dance or sending your guests’ welcome cocktail packages to enjoy during your virtual ceremony. With just a few tweaks and a little creativity, you’ll be able to still have everything you dreamed of and more.  Besides, once this is all over, think of all the epic baby shower, you’ll be able to throw, which is way more fun than walking down the aisle. Guests love spontaneity, so think outside the box and create something truly memorable.

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