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    The Latest Marriage Celebration Trends

    Whether the occasion is a roaring party or an intimate gathering, a marriage celebration is an event like no other. Planning a marriage celebration involves a variety of choices and decisions about décor, seating, fashion, and food. While the core traditions of this occasion – such as exchanging vows and slicing the cake – can seem timeless, a number of little details are subject to trends that come and go. Knowing the latest trends makes these decisions considerably easier for anyone wanting to ensure that their special day is as perfect and on-trend as can be.

    Below is a look at this year’s most inspiring trends in marriage celebrations:

    Environmentally-Friendly Options

    More couples are now evaluating the impact their marriage celebration might have on the environment. Large parties with many guests can result in plenty of waste. Fortunately, a marriage can be eco-friendly if the appropriate choices are made. There are a number of questions couples should consider when planning an eco-friendly marriage.

    First, check whether any items used in the celebration can be reused, recycled, or resold afterward. Items that can be repurposed will cut down on waste. Avoid the use of disposable cups and cutlery at the reception. Not only are throwaway items bad for the environment, but they don’t adequately match the significance of the occasion, even if the reception is intended to be a casual affair. Replace these items with glassware and tableware that can be washed and reused after the event.

    Food choices often have a significant impact on the environment. Find a caterer who sources ingredients locally from organic producers. Local farm-to-table food is both delicious and better for the environment. Consider choosing a menu that emphasizes vegetables over meat, since growing vegetables is generally more eco-friendly compared to raising livestock.

    Carbon emissions from vehicles are a major environmental problem. To reduce emissions, couples can eliminate the need for guests to drive between locations by holding the ceremony and reception at the same place.

    Even small details can make a difference when it comes to planning an eco-friendly marriage celebration. For instance, waste can be further reduced by choosing to send digital invitations rather than mailing paper cards.

    Southern Hospitality

    Southern marriage celebrations are always in style, and South Carolina has become the latest hotspot for getting married. Southern celebrations are known for their charm, grace, and comfort food. Historic wedding venues around Charleston can often accommodate receptions with a large number of guests. These locations often feature luxurious interiors in addition to large gardens, making them perfect for events that involve a more intimate indoor ceremony prior to a big outdoor reception. The weather in South Carolina is suitable for outdoor receptions in all seasons.

    Stately mansion wedding venues in Charleston can turn any marriage celebration into a grand occasion. These buildings are often the former homes of governors and other dignitaries. Many are lavishly decorated with antique furniture and paintings, making them perfect choices for formal ceremonies and receptions. Guests from out of town can stay at an historic inn in Charleston. A number of these accommodations can reserve every room in the building for the celebration, and in some cases they can double as a venue.

    Hot Fashion Trends

    Bridal gown styles are always a major part of marriage celebration trends. This season, brides are livening up their looks by going for fun and whimsical options. Sparkles and sequins are definitely in fashion this year. A dazzling gown can make a bride feel like a goddess or a superstar. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a star on their special day?

    For a more sophisticated look, many brides are opting for elegant and flowy lace gowns. This elaborate style was once a staple for rustic marriages in the countryside, but it’s now a popular choice for brides in the city as well. Perhaps the most on-trend look this season is the one-shoulder look. This style is a fashion-forward take on the traditional bridal gown. The one-shoulder style is a versatile twist that can be applied to a wide range of gowns, from the most elaborate garb to simpler understated designs.

    Bridesmaid’s dresses are also getting a lot of attention when it comes to marriage celebration trends. This year, bridesmaids are pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable to wear. For instance, bridesmaids are experimenting with wearing dresses in white, a color which was once strictly reserved for brides. A row of bridesmaids in matching elegant white dresses can make a big impression at a marriage celebration. Wearing lace is another taboo that bridesmaids are breaking this year. Traditionalists may balk at these choices, but fashion always makes its own rules. Time will tell if these fashion-forward trends in bridesmaid’s dresses are here to stay.

    Despite all the attention placed on bridesmaids this year, what the groom wears is always subject to trends. Floral print ties are the latest fashion inspiration for grooms this year. This throwback style is cheerful, whimsical, and suave all at once. Colorful floral ties match perfectly with a casual blue or navy jacket to create a fun and vibrant look, while an understated print can bring a dash of flair to a formal gray suit. A floral tie can also complete the look of a groom who wishes to follow the current boho trend of pairing earth-tone pants with a chambray shirt.

    Sequel Marriage Celebrations

    Out of necessity, many recent gatherings have been smaller affairs with a limited number of guests. As gatherings become larger and less restrictive, some couples who were recently married in small ceremonies are now planning to host sequel celebrations so their family and friends can all have a chance to attend the event. Depending on the budget, these occasions can be significantly more ostentatious compared to the first celebration. In a way, sequels celebrate both the marriage and the fact that friends and family can begin to gather together again.

    Whether or not the marriage celebration is a sequel event, couples can ensure the occasion is on-trend by keeping up to date with the latest styles. Planning a marriage celebration can be a lot of work given all the decisions that must be made about what to wear, what to serve, and where to host the event. These choices can be made easier and with less stress by following a guide to marriage celebration trends.

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