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    Mason Wedding Venues

    Mason Wedding Venues

    The world of wedding venues has seen an unusual — albeit quite welcome — addition in recent years, in the form of mansion wedding venues. In these types of wedding ceremonies, owners of mansions rent their homes out for wedding parties. For all intents and purposes, the mansion wholly belongs to the bride and groom until the rental period expires. In an industry that has been dominated by reception halls for a long time, mansion weddings are beginning to form its own niche, taking their place next to beachside and cruise ship weddings.

    Mansion weddings have been growing in popularity over the past decade, beginning with wedding parties renting out homes in the Hamptons. Really, it’s no wonder why a mansion wedding is such an attractive option for upcoming brides and grooms. Not only do certain mansions provide the lavish decor and glorious aesthetics that come with the conventional wedding reception hall, they also provide comfort and privacy, and the proceedings of the celebrations are left entirely up to the wedding party. By having a wedding in a mansion, the bride and groom can pretend, if only for a day or two, that they are proud, decorated mansion owners, throwing an extravagant party and inviting all their closest friends and family members.

    Of course, any wedding is an inherently beautiful gathering. It represents the union of two people who truly love each other. There’s really nothing as breathtaking as seeing a bride and groom kiss each other for the first time as husband and wife. That said, certain wedding venue options are inherently more extravagant than others. Couples who choose to get married in a Charleston mansion wedding venue are giving themselves and everyone invited a truly rare treat.

    It’s easy to imagine how hard it must be for a couple to have to go back to their regular lives after experiencing the fantasy of pretending that they are throwing a lush festival in their own private mansion. However, the husband and wife have their loving, newly formed marriage bond together to help take the edge off the readjustment.

    An attractive feature of the mansion wedding venue option is the variety of mansions that wedding parties can potentially be held in. From historical castle mansion weddings, to traditional, homely mansion weddings, all the way down to sleek, new, modern mansion weddings, brides and grooms have various options when it comes to the aesthetic feel of the mansion they’ll be holding their wedding in. It would be an understatement to say that Charleston has a bevy of options when it comes to mansion wedding venues. Wedding planners need only spend some time looking, and they’ll find the perfect mansion for the bride and groom to start their married lives in.

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