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    Make the Most of a Wet Weather Wedding

    When it comes to a wedding and a romantic getaway, Charleston residents should embrace any rain that comes on their big day. Believe it or not, in some cultures rain is seen as a sign of good luck for the couples who get married on rainy days. So, when the weather gets a little frightful, take advantage of it and work it into the the plans for your nuptials.


    Use the Rain for One-of-a-Kind Wedding Photos


    The lighting on a rainy day can be better than that on a sunny day. Your wedding photographer will know how to work with the rainy day lighting to help ensure wedding photos that are soft and romantic. This type of lighting can help to set the mood and many photographers will tell you that they rather take outdoor photos on this type of day than on a sunny day since there is a lesser chance of problems like glare.


    Play Outside in the Rain


    Do not be afraid to head out into the rain and play. Playing is not just for kids and this is an easy way to make memories with your partner and your guests. Take photos and video and really enjoy it. Invite all of your guests to come out with you. If you are planning this or think it might rain on your wedding day, it is a good idea to bring a change of clothes so that your wedding attire does not get ruined or muddy when you choose to engage some impromptu fun in the rain.


    Have a Nature-Filled Wedding Backdrop


    Few things are more romantic than listening to the rain hit windows or the top of your reception tent. It adds extra romance and tranquility that is impossible to accomplish in any other way. It also provides a natural backdrop that you and your guests can enjoy for taking photos or simply taking a few minutes from the excitement to relax and reflect.


    Pass Out Umbrellas


    If the sky might be overcast on your wedding day, plan ahead and provide umbrellas for your guests. You can also put on the invitation that you recommend bringing an umbrella just in case the weather is not perfect when you exchange your vows. This is especially important if you are planning an outdoor wedding. Planning in advance will prevent the need for you have to change your ceremony venue at the last minute.


    As you can see, a little rain will not ruin your wedding or romantic getaway in Charleston. In fact, it can enhance your day and make it more fun and enjoyable. It may also give you a little extra luck for a long and happy marriage.


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