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    How to Show Your Out-of-Town Wedding Guests a Good Time

    When you are planning your dream wedding, it should be a very exciting time, but it can also be a somewhat hectic time. Between trying to decide what to do for your bridal party in Charleston and which of the historic wedding venues in Charleston to have the ceremony at, your days can be absolutely jam-packed with decisions. That is exactly why some details can often end up getting overlooked.

    One area that you do not want to accidentally overlook is the logistics behind having your out-of-town wedding guests attend the big day. Chances are that at almost every wedding, there will be at least a few people, whether family or friends, who you want to attend the wedding but do not live nearby.

    If some of them happen to agree to attend, then that is a great thing, but it also means that you need to make sure that you do everything that you should in order to ensure that those guests have a good time when traveling to your town or city.

    Here is everything you will need to keep in mind when trying to make sure that your out-of-town guests enjoy their time spent attending your wedding.

    Give Them the Important Details

    This is by far the most obvious and simplest thing that you can do for not only your out-of-town guests but the local ones as well. Your guests need to know exactly what they should expect from the big day and when they should expect it. This way, they can probably arrange their travel needs and other plans so that they do not miss anything important.

    An easy way to make all of the important information about your wedding available to everyone is to create a wedding website using one of the many common sites which allow you to do this. Then include a link to that site on the invitations when you send them out to all of your potential guests so that they may go online and get refreshed on the details whenever they want to.

    Provide Great Recommendations for Their Accommodations

    If your guests are from out of town, then it is very likely that they do not know the area and what it provides nearly as well as you do. That is why you need to make sure that you are providing them with suggestions on important things like where you think they should stay when they are in town.

    Maybe you know about a really cute bed and breakfast in Charleston that is highly raved about online. If that’s the case, then you should suggest this to them. Otherwise, you take the risk that they might end up choosing somewhere that appears fine on the surface but is actually known around town as being a bit of a dump and is nowhere near as nice as that adorable b & b in downtown Charleston.

    Think of Entertaining Events to Keep Them Busy

    This is very similar to the accommodations tip because it centers around the fact that you know the town and what the good aspects of it are much better than they do. The chances are that most out-of-town guests are not going to make the long journey to come to your wedding only for the day and then go back home. They are likely going to be staying a day or two, which means that they will need some things to do when they are not attending an event related to your wedding.

    Since you likely have a much more thorough understanding of the culture and entertainment scene that is offered by your town or city, it is recommended that you think about some potentially fun attractions for your out-of-town guests to check out while they are visiting. That way, they will spend their downtime doing something that is hopefully fun and exciting rather than just sitting around their hotel room or aimlessly wandering around town.

    Spend Some Individual Time With Each Guest

    This is something that is once again useful for not just the out-of-town guests but rather every single guest at your wedding. After all, the guests came to see you and your significant other get married, so not spending any time speaking to them for the entire duration of the wedding can come off as pretty insulting. The big day is all about you, but that does not mean that you just get rid of social norms.

    If you are having your ceremony at one of the mansion wedding venues in Charleston, then it is likely that you have quite a lot of guests attending your wedding. This can make it extra difficult to be able to spend time with each and every guest, but it should be attempted regardless.

    One way in which you could attempt to do this is by hanging out with your significant other near the entrance of the building in which you are having your wedding. As people begin to arrive at the location, they will likely walk in and immediately try to look for someone that they know so that they can walk over and begin conversing with them. If one of the first people they see is the bride and groom, then they will almost definitely walk over to say hi to them. This is your chance to get at least a few seconds of conversation with each person so that they don’t leave your wedding feeling totally ignored and unimportant.

    If you are able to follow all of these helpful tips, then it should allow your out-of-town guests, and all of the other guests as well, to have a wonderful time at your wedding. After all, it’s a day of celebrating with your friends and family so you want to make sure that the celebration goes well for everyone.

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