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    How To React When You Need A Sudden Location Change

    Losing your dream historic wedding venues can be one of the biggest nightmares possible leading up to the ceremony. While this is scary and frustrating all at the same time, you need to also work on pulling yourself together and trying to get through things. Remember, a location can cancel an event for several reasons. This can range from sudden financial issues to damage from a disaster to legal problems, like failing an inspection. Even on the shortest deadlines, you can find an alternative that fits your needs. So, when your bridal party in Charleston suddenly needs a new setting, here’s how to start.

    Swapping Historic Wedding Venues

    First, let’s talk about the immediate steps you need to take after realizing your original location isn’t going to work. This begins with reaching out to your vendors, particularly the ones who will be there when the time comes. This includes your florist, cake baker, transport provider, and DJ. People like the hairstylist or stationery designer, who won’t necessarily be on location, aren’t as big a priority. In either event, you need to inform them about the situation and even ask for help. Remember, these professionals have likely worked in a lot of different locations and may be able to recommend one. A planner is ideal for this, but other vendors may be able to fill the role.

    The next thing to do is look for a new location, and it pays to get creative here. If you’re in the peak of wedding season, conventional options may not be available, so a B & B in Charleston may make more sense. Trying to find an area that looks exactly like the one you had in mind may be difficult, so don’t be afraid to shuffle things around. On that same topic, you may find a place that looks good to you, but isn’t available on your original date. Changing the date may be possible, but you need to make sure you account for all the fallout that brings. Will your vendors still be available? Are you ready to reprint invitations? What if some guests can’t make it? Be sure to think about all this before rescheduling.

    Naturally, you also need to alert your guests as well, especially if invitations have been sent out already. Changing your event website is a good place to start, but you need to do more. When you have a new location, make calls and send emails to spread the word. When you’re doing this, ask your friends and family to alert other guests as well to save you some time.

    Another thing we should talk about for the new location is that you may need to hire extra help. Your original choice may have included options like rentals and catering, but the new one doesn’t. Decorations may be an added priority also, so you want to do that shopping now. If you were smart enough to buy wedding insurance, make sure you use it, as these were exactly the situations it was designed for. Talk to your agent to see what’s covered under your plan. A lot of the time, this will help you cover your deposit for the original location, as well as deposits for vendors not available for your new date.

    Another important thing to do during this stage is taking the time to properly review your contract. No matter what you think is “fair” the contract ultimately sets the rules, including what happens if it gets canceled. Depending on the rules, you may be able to get your deposit or other payments back. If they aren’t adhering to their own rules, legal action is worth considering. Lastly, you want to reach out to your credit card company. If the deposit is on credit, you may be able to file a claim, though this generally isn’t likely due to time constraints.

    Questions For Your New Mansion Wedding Venue

    So let’s say that you find a bed and breakfast in Charleston that fits the bill. The next step is making sure this doesn’t happen to you again. As a result, you want to ask some key questions before making another commitment.

    For one thing, is the space going to be large enough to host the whole guest list and handle the activities you have planned? Yes, there’s eating and dancing, but there’s other things you want to consider. Do you have additional entertainment? If so, will there be space for it? Is there a space for non-dancers to talk?

    Let’s say that you’re thinking about having the occasion outdoors. This is great, but you need to make sure there’s going to be a way to keep guests comfortable in all types of weather. Also, is there a backup plan in case of rain? Extreme heat may also pose an issue if you want to get married in summer. In these cases, there needs to be shaded or cooled indoor areas for guests. Keeping time-sensitive points in mind, how exactly does the given location look at the time you plan on getting married? For example, say you’re visiting locations in spring but getting married in the fall. Are the locations going to have the same charm, lighting, and appearance over time? Be sure to look at photos during different times of year to account for this.

    Along with this, ceremony and reception are not one and the same. Some spaces may be able to cover both, though. If you do this, figure out how the location makes the transition work, and whether you and your partner can have a moment of respite before the next phase begins in earnest. You should also talk about accessibility. This applies to children, the handicapped, and the elderly, but you should also talk about making sure there are easy methods of transport. Will public transportation work? What about parking options? Consider renting a bus if these aren’t possible.

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