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    Let us inspire you with an inside look at the Governor’s House Inn! Discover this historical National Landmark and how it offers the perfect setting for romantic getaways, weddings, vacations and corporate retreats. Each post puts you in the middle of the southern ambiance that you’ll only find at our elegant Charleston bed and breakfast inn!

    Health Benefits of a Weekend Getaway

    If you are feeling exhausted, but do not have time for a full vacation, a weekend getaway might be just what you need. With a B&B, Charleston residents can easily escape the pressures of life and take a break from it all. At a bed and breakfast, Charleston residents can kick back and enjoy the simpler things in life while relaxing and spending a couple of days forgetting the things that are causing them stress.

    Keep Your Heart Healthy

    When you are exhausted, overworked and experiencing a lot of stress, your heart can suffer. In fact, a study that was in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that when people take time away often, their risk of death associated with heart disease is reduced by 32 percent. This is a major impact and all you have to do to reap this benefit is spend a little time away from it all. If you are unable to take a full vacation, engaging in a few weekend getaways can be enough to help you to help your heart remain as healthy as possible.

    Another study was done looking at how taking a vacation works to improve the health of your heart. This study was conducted in the Netherlands at Radboud University. It showed that when people take vacations that they are overall healthier, have more life satisfaction and they enjoy higher energy levels.

    Melt Away Your Stress

    Every adult has stress and needs to do things to help reduce it. A weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast could help you with this because it boosts your mental well-being reducing your anxiety and stress. This is important because if your stress levels are allowed to be high for a long period of time, this can not only have a negative impact on your mental health, but also on your physical health.

    Make Sure Your Mental Health is in Good Shape

    You surely know that your mental and physical health work together, so when one suffers, the other will too. When you get plenty of relaxation, you are working to make sure that you have more positive emotions and fewer instances of depression and similar negative mental states. Just like with your cardiovascular health, if you cannot take a full vacation each year, taking several small ones throughout the year can be just as beneficial.

    You can see that a B&B in Charleston is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. When you are at the bed and breakfast in Charleston, you can tour the city, enjoy great restaurants and sleep in. This weekend getaway option is perfect for couples, friends, families or even on your own.

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