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    A Guide to Decorating Historic Wedding Venues in Charleston

    A historic venue can make a breathtaking backdrop to a wedding. A stately, refined, and elegant location can add sophistication and grandeur to any special event. However, decorating these spaces can be a challenge. A bridal party in Charleston might need some help figuring out the best way to balance the existing beauty of their venue while still adding their own personal spin.

    Be Realistic

    The look a bridal party in Charleston wants might not be feasible for the space they’re working with. For instance, gigantic centerpieces on tables sound amazing, but in reality, if the tables are small and round, these will completely overwhelm them, not to mention the guests who have to sit there and jostle for space with an explosion of flowers and crystals.

    A successful wedding isn’t necessarily about having absolutely everything look perfect, or about suiting the couple’s aesthetic – instead, it has a lot to do with providing for the comfort and enjoyment of the wedding guests. If décor interferes with either of these two things, that’s a problem, and will probably equate to complaining, unhappy guests.

    Plan Around the Venue’s Limitations

    Historic wedding venues in Charleston are wonderful places to have a wedding ceremony or reception, but brides and grooms must keep in mind the limitations that come along with these spaces. Décor must take a backseat to the structure of the venue.

    Drilling holes or pounding nails into the walls in order to hang up lights or other types of decor is a no-no. If the venue has antique art pieces or furniture, they probably can’t be removed, either. These rules should be seen as a boon, though, because these pieces are partly what give the historic wedding venue its charm and character, which transfers to the wedding itself.

    Let the Architecture and Surroundings Speak for Themselves

    A historic venue is a coveted spot to hold any kind of celebration because it is beautiful in and of itself. It probably already has wonderful details and décor, such as hardwood floors, elaborate moldings, grand staircases, tiled fireplaces, and more that hearken back to the craftsmanship and care of yesteryear.

    Surroundings like these, as a result, don’t need a lot of extra decorating to look special and beautiful. Couples should instead try to work with the existing surroundings and play them up. Simple flower arrangements, place settings, table decor, and centerpieces will look refined and elegant in a room or rooms that are already beautifully historic.

    Other Ways to Decorate a Historic Wedding Venue in Charleston

    Instead of focusing on large-scale décor to add to the venue, it may be easier to zero-in on smaller touches throughout. This will personalize the wedding and add some creativity, especially if the larger decorations can’t be altered or moved.

    Some ideas include personalized dinner menus, which can be printed with special fonts or hand-lettered on elegant paper, renting colored or decorative glassware for table settings, creating movable signs and photo displays that can be propped up instead of hung, and making custom table numbers. Any of these elements at a historic venue will add up to a simple yet elegant affair.



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