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    How Getting Married in a Mansion Can Actually Save You Money

    When it comes to mansion wedding venues, Charleston residents might consider this option for many reasons. However, one you might not think about is that getting married at this type of venue has the potential to actually save you some money. Learning more about the money-saving aspect of getting married in such a luxurious space is sure to get you motivated to find the right one.

    You Will Need Fewer Decorations

    A mansion is already an incredibly luxurious space, so you can get away with minimal decorations while still having an incredible scheme. For example, major elements, such as the walls, floors, ceilings and lights are likely already very intricate and elegant. So, you can work with these and save hundreds of dollars. You can focus your decorative energy on the smaller elements, such as creating awesome centerpieces for the tables, or splurging a bit to get tablecloths and chairs that are fancy and more comfortable.

    Security On-Site

    In most cases, you will find that a luxurious home already has security features on-site. This means that you will not have to worry about things, such as putting up temporary cameras or hiring a full security staff. This can actually save you several hundred dollars.

    Plenty of Parking Available

    There are times when you book a wedding venue, but you notice that there is just not enough parking for all of your guests. In these instances, you might be forced to rent a nearby parking lot or structure in order to accommodate your guests. If this is a bit of a distance from the venue, you might also have to shell out some cash for a shuttle service to get your guests from their vehicles to the venue and then back again. Mansion venues usually have more than enough parking so that all guests can conveniently park on-site.

    Upgraded and Modern Technology Equipment

    When you are hosting your wedding reception, there are often technology components that you need to ensure that all of the various features happen without issue. For example, you need a good sound system for the music. At an exclusive home, this type of equipment is likely already there so there is no need to spend money to rent any of it for the evening.

    You can see that mansion wedding venues in Charleston are an excellent idea for many reasons. Since this could potentially save you some money, you can take what you saved and do a couple’s retreat at a bed and breakfast the weekend before to destress and unwind. Or, you can take it and apply it to planning and epic honeymoon.



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