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    Let us inspire you with an inside look at the Governor’s House Inn! Discover this historical National Landmark and how it offers the perfect setting for romantic getaways, weddings, vacations and corporate retreats. Each post puts you in the middle of the southern ambiance that you’ll only find at our elegant Charleston bed and breakfast inn!

    Exploring the Most Popular Flowers for Weddings

    When it comes to historic wedding venues, Charleston brides and grooms want to make sure that in addition to choosing the right spot that they also decorate it correctly. When it comes to the bridal party, Charleston brides should also consider incorporating flowers. There are certain flowers that are popular for weddings that you should know about to narrow down your list. These all works perfectly for any venue, including a historic bed and breakfast.




    If you have ever attended a wedding, you have surely seen roses. WIth over three thousand varieties to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect roses for your wedding. They come in virtually any color you can imagine and they add a subtle yet soothing fragrance to any space.




    This native Persian flower is often used to represent happy years and consuming love, making it perfect for a wedding. There are many different colors available, from subtle pastels to vibrant oranges and reds. You can get them throughout most of the year and there are a number of different varieties that are very affordable.


    Calla Lily


    This flower is a popular staple at weddings. These flowers have a trumpet shape and are very elegant. They come in many colors and are perfect for weddings that range from traditional to ultra modern. There are two primary types to choose from, depending on if you want a smaller lily or a larger one.




    This flower is very popular for making floral centerpieces for a wedding. These are a round flower, making them soft and perfect for traditional decorating. They have no scent and are relatively inexpensive, so they will work for the majority of weddings. There are many varieties in a number of colors, making it easy to find one that you like.




    This is a very soft and delicate flower making it perfect for a centerpiece or a bouquet. This flower has a strong scent, so it will lend to the atmosphere at a reception or ceremony. There are two primary types of choose from, allowing you to get the right look for you.




    This is a sultry flower that has a powerful scent. You can use this type of flower in a bowl of water for a fun and pretty centerpiece or use it as a component in your bouquet. This type of flower is delicate, so make sure that you are careful when you are using it to create an arrangement.


    As you can see, whether you are planning a bridal party in Charleston or you are looking to decorate historic wedding venues in Charleston, you need the right flowers. Any of the flowers that are discussed here will ensure a beautifully decorated wedding.



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