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    Debunking Some Common Myths About Bed and Breakfast Stays

    There is no denying that bed and breakfasts are the way to go when it comes to enjoying taking the travel experience to a whole new level. Not only do they offer the type of attention to detail and comfortable amenities that the hotel and motel experience just can’t touch, but they also give their guests an undeniable taste of local culture.


    So the question is, if bed and breakfasts at such stunning settings as historic wedding venues in Charleston offer such a superior guest experience, both in terms of quality and value, why aren’t more people staying at them?


    The thing is that there are a lot of false beliefs floating around there about what staying at a bed and breakfast is really like, and this can get in the way of people enjoying the out-of-this-world experience that a bed and breakfast hosted from a historic inn in Charleston really has to offer. Pop cultures and movies often give people the false impression that these gorgeously curated experiences are dated and stuffy when in reality, the modern B & B experience is anything but.


    Thankfully, this article is going to put all those dated rumors about bed and breakfasts to bed. Be sure to read on to find out more about why bed and breakfast experiences in stunning mansion wedding venues in Charleston are an inclusive vacation in and of themselves.

    Myth #1: The Bathrooms are Shared

    Not only will the best bed and breakfasts offer private bathrooms, but they will offer the type of luxurious in-house features that go far beyond anything that a standard hotel experience can dish out. The floorplan of each accommodation is designed to be completely unique, meaning that everybody truly gets to enter a gorgeously curated world of their own replete with stunning details and opulent finery.


    Essentially, the bathrooms are more often than not totally private but also exceptional in quality. Some in-suite bathrooms will offer above-and-beyond extras like his and her sink fixtures, antique pedestal fixtures, or marble showers, so don’t hesitate to ask what unique features are available for private bathroom facilities in these gorgeous historic wedding venues in Charleston.

    Myth #2: Bed and Breakfasts Can Only be Found in the Country

    When people think of bed and breakfasts, the idea of inner city living as an ideal location doesn’t usually come to mind. Most people have a stereotypical conception of bed and breakfasts as an idyllic rural retreat, but the reality is that some of the most elegant bed and breakfast experiences can be found conveniently located right in the heart of the action.


    This means that guests can easily take in local flavor while still feeling transported to a level of luxury that goes well beyond the typical homogenized travel-stay experience. Meanwhile, guests still get to enjoy all the conveniences that modern living has to offer, like in-room coffee, convenient Wi-Fi access, large flat-screen televisions, and even en-suite wet bars, gorgeous garden views, and fireplaces.


    While a county escape can certainly be lovely, a historic inn in Charleston can offer travelers the best of both worlds while still providing the type of romantic and imaginative escape that locals can enjoy just as much as out-of-towners.

    Myth #3: Bed and Breakfasts are Inappropriate for Business Travel

    Once again, this myth is totally unfounded. A better argument to make here would be that bed and breakfasts offer an ingeniously comfortable option to really make business travelers feel right at home.


    Historic wedding venues in Charleston still offer all the modern amenities that business travelers need to get the job done, but they also provide a level of tranquility and character that will help make each and every business trip feel like a truly unique experience.


    There are few things more valuable when working than being able to enjoy the luxury of truly unwinding, and only bed and breakfasts will make a business traveler feel like they can really step away from it all when they come back to their room. When business travels are treated to a bottle of wine and evening sherry waiting for them in their room, they will be hard-pressed to not find their worries melting away.

    Myth #4: Bed and Breakfasts Have too Many Restrictions

    On the contrary, one of the major perks of staying in a bed and breakfast is that guests are encouraged to experience their getaway in whatever way that they want to experience.


    Rather than imposing strict curfews, historic wedding venues in Charleston encourage their guests to enjoy the freedom to venture out or luxuriate in their home away from home on whatever schedule works for them. In fact, guests can count on the type of personalized attention to their wants and needs in the way that anybody staying in a larger hotel or motel probably couldn’t even imagine receiving.

    Myth #5: They are Too Expensive

    Guests are often more than pleasantly surprised to receive their bills and realize that they ended up spending less than they would at a comparable hotel only to receive so much more.


    There is a common assumption that just because bed and breakfasts give their guests access to features like authentic hardwood floors, marble fixtures, elegant piazzas, and opulent antique furniture, they will also cost significantly more than a suite outfitted with standardized furniture and thoughtless decor.


    The real shocker is that this is often not the case. The bed and breakfast experience is generally considered much more affordable than a hotel of a similar level of quality, so why stay anywhere else?

    The Takeaway

    Whether searching for a unique romantic getaway experience, planning a fun-filled bridal party, seeking out the ideal place to host a corporate retreat, or looking for the perfect location, a superior bed and breakfast experience can’t be beaten.


    Why stay in a standard hotel when a bed and breakfast combines all the convenience of modern living with the type of timeless luxury and attention to detail that just can’t compete? So don’t hesitate. Reach out to one of the best mansion wedding venues in Charleston today to find out more.

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