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    Cool Wedding Themes that You Have Never Seen Before

    When you are planning your wedding, you want it to be something that fully encompasses the personalities of both the bride and the groom. This means getting creative to blend the likes of both partners. When it comes to mansion wedding venues, Charleston couples can easily incorporate a variety of fun and unique themes. This ensures that not only is your wedding fun and exciting, but an event that your guests will remember for decades to come.


    Turn to the Movies


    If you and your significant other both really love a specific movie, consider using it as the theme for your wedding. For example, if you are both fans of the Wizard of Oz, you can make the runway to the altar gold instead of the traditional red, white or black. You can do a cake that represents the Wizard of Oz and the bride can wear red heels instead of the traditional white to pay tribute to Dorothy. If you have a dog, consider making him or or her part of the wedding to represent Toto.


    Show Strength With Superheroes


    People love superheroes and using them as part of your wedding theme is cool and fun. Everyone no matter their age has a superhero that they have loved since childhood. You can easily combine two superheroes if the bride and groom cannot agree on one. This can make for a very interesting theme that guests will never forget.


    Get Sporty with Sports


    If you and your significant other love a specific team or sport, use it to create a unique and fun wedding theme. Go all out and have the bridesmaids dress as cheerleaders and the groomsman as athletes, or the other way around. You can use the colors of a specific team to create a fun color scheme for your wedding and reception. Use the sport or team to further influence aspects of your wedding, such as the food and drinks that you serve at your reception.


    Use Music to Inspire


    Music is a staple at every wedding reception, but you can take it a step further and use music to help inspire all aspects of your wedding. Use musical elements and designs as part of your wedding attire and the decorations used at your reception. Consider one type of music at your reception if you want to use a specific genre as your wedding theme inspiration. Make your cake a musical masterpiece and consider small elements like a guestbook actually being a book of blank sheet music.


    As you cans see, mansion wedding venues in Charleston make it easy to create the theme of your dreams. Consider the wedding themes discussed here and adapt them to best fit the likes and personalities of both the bride and groom.


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