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    Let us inspire you with an inside look at the Governor’s House Inn! Discover this historical National Landmark and how it offers the perfect setting for romantic getaways, weddings, vacations and corporate retreats. Each post puts you in the middle of the southern ambiance that you’ll only find at our elegant Charleston bed and breakfast inn!

    Choosing a Place to Stay on Vacation

    There could be several different things that may make you want to travel on a vacation to another place, such as a bridal party in Charleston, taking in sights, going to a concert, or just getting away for awhile. No matter what your reason is for temporarily leaving home, you should find that you are in need or someplace to stay while you are away. There should be many options for lodging no matter where you stay, but some are better than others and your choices may vary depending on what kinds of accommodations you need, your budget, and more. Here are some things you can do to help you make a decision on where to stay while on vacation.

    The Type of Lodging

    The first thing to keep in mind is what kind of place it is that you are looking for. For example, you may choose to stay at a hotel, or you may choose something more like a B&B in Charleston for your stay. If someone you know is getting married at one of the mansion wedding venues in Charleston, you may choose to stay at the venue when you come out for the wedding. You may need something on the cheaper end, and choose to go to a motel during your stay.

    In addition to what kind of place you want to stay at, you may also be interested in the types of amenities being provided. For example, you may be more likely to choose a place that provides a complimentary breakfast or someplace that has a pool over someplace that doesn’t seem to have any extras. If you are bringing pets along, you may be looking for a place that allows you to bring your pets. Whether a place allows smoking may also be a concern to you.

    The location of the lodging, as well as whether or not they offer help with transportation, may also be a concern when it comes to finding a place to stay. You want to make sure that you are close by the places that you are there to see or that there is a relatively easy way to get there if you aren’t close. Keep in mind that the transportation services from the hotel to the sites may involve an additional charge.


    When choosing a bed and breakfast in Charleston, your budget is probably something to keep in mind, as well. Especially if you plan to be there for awhile, you will likely need to find someplace to stay that is cheaper every night than a more expensive place you could only afford for a short time. A more cost-effective place will also lend itself for spending more money elsewhere, such as on the sites, on food, or souvenirs. Think about your budget ahead of time before choosing a place to stay, and use those considerations to help you narrow down the right place for you.

    If you are looking into a place for a large group, such as if you are booking for an event where there will be many rooms being booked up, you may be able to talk with some of the options on your list and explain you are trying to book for a large group. Some places may offer group discounts to be considered, and this may make it better for your overall budget.

    Conducting Research

    Once you have decided what kind of place you want to stay in, what accommodations you need, and what you are able to spend, it should be time to start researching your options in the area. Once getting a small list of options that meet your needs, you may want to look into the ratings and reviews to find an option that gives you the most bang for your buck. You can find a lot of information by looking at review places, such as the cleanliness of the place that you are looking at, how great the accommodations are, and more. This can help you determine which locations may be good choices and which ones should be avoided. If you have trouble determining between some different options, you could always call and ask questions to help you narrow it down even further or simply find a place that is closer to whatever it is that you are in the area to see.

    Making Reservations

    Once you have chosen a place, it is important to make sure that you make reservations as early as possible once you have all the details of your trip worked out. Depending on the area, you may find that places to stay in that area book up relatively quickly. For example, with all of the historic wedding venues in Charleston, it is not unheard of for the better hotels to book up well in advance. Therefore, the sooner you can get your reservation, the better.

    If you have a lot of time to choose, there may also be a time you can better plan your reservation to get a better deal. In some vacation spots, you may get off-season prices at hotels during certain parts of the year where tourism isn’t as high. Part of your research may be to determine if there is an ideal time to book a reservation in advance to get a better deal than you would at a different time.

    When you are planning a vacation, no matter what the vacation is for, one of the most important things you could do is to find lodging and book your reservations well in advance so that you aren’t left high and dry once your vacation comes around. By determining your needs ahead of time, doing your research on available spots, and booking ahead of time, there should be a lot less stress finding a place to stay once the vacation date comes around.

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