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    B&B and Tipping

    When it comes to the service industry, tipping is very important, as it shows just how happy one was with the establishment. In addition, it helps the staff gain a little extra, which always gives a good feeling when the people there were incredibly nice and accommodating. However, when going to a B&B, people often feel confused about tipping.  

    Think of It as Visiting Friends and Family

    When one goes to, say a historic bed and breakfast in Charleston, the owner provides most, if not all, of the services. It is quite similar to visiting family members, especially since very often, the owner and his or her guests form a friendship-resembling type of bond. As such, one should remember that they don’t normally tip those they’re staying with when they’re friends or family, which is why there’s no need to tip at a b&b. However, it is good to be courteous and neat.


    A historic bed and breakfast in Charleston, for instance, may be large enough that a single person can’t take care of all aspects of hospitality. As such, they may bring in cleaning professionals to ensure that their guests’ needs and basic requirements are fulfilled. If there is a housekeeper, one can tip her or him daily, or at the end of their stay.


    Part of going to a historic bed and breakfast in Charleston is, of course, the breakfast. In this case, if the breakfast was brought by the owner, then there is no need to tip him or her. However, if there are hired people for this task, one should leave a tip just as they would at a restaurant.


    Often times, B&Bs that are expecting tips may leave an envelope in plain sight, just as a gentle reminder for the guests to tip the personnel. If one doesn’t see any envelopes, they can ask the staff about how to tip


    When one doesn’t have to tip, there are other ways in which he or she can show their appreciation. A great way is leaving comments about the stay in the establishment’s guestbook. Constructive criticism is incredibly helpful, as long as it is given in a polite manner. Leaving reviews online for future guests to see is yet another way in which one can show their appreciation, while also helping out future travelers.

    Essentially, with B&Bs, one doesn’t have to tip if the owner is the one taking care of everything. However, if there are other staff, then that staff should be tipped, just like at a regular hotel.


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