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    There are a dizzying array of possibilities when it comes to choosing a location for your big day. A lot of it comes down to personal taste, and finding a spot that reflects your aesthetic, and personality. For a location that’s beautiful, romantic, and timeless, consider setting your nuptials at one of Charleston’s beautiful old properties, that are steeped in history. Here are 8 reasons to choose a timeless location.


    Minimal Decorating Required

    Thinking of a design theme is a stressful, time consuming, and expensive part of planning your event. It’s not always easy to transform a bland corporate event space or banquet hall into a magical wonderland for a night. By opting for something like an historic Inn in Charlston, for example, your work is pretty much done for you. By their very nature, these locations ooze character and timeless beauty. That means you won’t be hauling in decorations, thinking of color themes, or mulling whether to put the oyster bar next to the mojito bar. By their very nature, older buildings have several different room options, and enough natural charm that you’ll likely want to keep extra dressing to a minimum.


    Pictures Will Always Look Fabulous

    Historical spaces are by nature beautiful, timeless, and elegant. With a backdrop of limestone, sweeping wooden verandas, and lush  greenery, you’ll add extra dimension and visual interest to your photos, not to mention understated elegance and class. The other bonus of course, is cutting down on travel time. It’s common for couples to get married and take photos in one place, and then travel to a second location for more scenic shots. But with an historic inn in Charlston, or one of the many mansion wedding venues in Charlston, you’re guaranteed a stunning backdrop for a huge variety of timeless photos, in gorgeous, flattering, outdoor light.


    Investing In A Piece Of History

    Historic wedding venues In Charleston are an extremely popular choice for exchanging vows. And it’s a choice that is definitely win-win. These old and cherished buildings require constant upkeep in order to preserve their beauty and outfit them with the contemporary details required for large gatherings. By choosing an historic location, you are investing in the history of your region. On top of that, maintaining old buildings is far kinder to the environment than building new ones. It requires a lot of energy, not to mention labour, to tear down an old building and erect another one. Besides, few people fail to appreciate the sense of history that encircles them when attending an event in one of these buildings.


    Stand Out From The Crowd

    When marriage season hits, many of your guests will be engaged in a non-stop nuptial spree throughout the summer. And with most people still opting for more traditional locales, like a banquet hall or even something upscale, like an art gallery. Offering a uniquely beautiful experience in the form of an historical property, will help your event stand out from the crowd of forgettable spaces where the air conditioning was too cold, or the tables were so huge that you actually felt lonely. As much as we hate to admit it, weddings can be draining on our guests. Late nights, rich food, drinking, and one earnest speech too many can test even our most fun-loving friends. So give them a party to remember with a stunning location, and easy outdoor access.


    Space Isn’t An Issue

    The design of most historic wedding venues in Charleston lend themselves to creating a rich experience with several different backdrops. Guests might witness the exchanging of vows in the garden, and then  gather on the veranda for cocktails, before moving inside for the meal. Post dinner options are also endless. On a warm night, dancing can happen outside, with strung up lights, and a live band. The diversity of the layout keeps things interesting, affords privacy for intimate one-on-one conversations, and hearkens back to a time when the building was used by a real family.


    DIY Catering If You Choose

    Several old locales don’t have kitchen facilities to cater a huge event. This frees you up to choose your own caterer, which most foodies prefer, as no one wants to be at the whim of food that might not suit their palette. You can choose to work with a caterer of your choice, or even ask people to bring a dish as a way of keeping costs down. This approach is becoming more popular, as people rethink the exorbitant costs associated with getting married. It’s a creative and economical way to have a beautiful experience, without breaking the bank.


    Details That You Won’t Find In A Banquet Hall

    There are some details that you can’t buy at Restoration Hardware. When you plan your nuptials in an old space, you’re also getting details that are integral to the building. You might find soaring, or tin-pressed, ceilings, original chandeliers, exposed brick, and reclaimed barnwood floors. You might take photos in the attached vineyard, or dance in a grand ballroom. Some properties are set on acres of foothills, creating the perfect background for a swoon-worth photo op.


    Imperfections Give A Historical Venue Its Charm

    The history that oozes from every pore of an old building can affect you on a soul level. There is innate charm in worn stones, wood that has weathered over years, and floors that have been trod upon for centuries. In a world with so much emphasis on ultra sleek and modern design, it can be a balm to step back into time and —just for a moment —stop wondering when your iphone 13 will arrive. When you’re bringing together the people closest to you, there’s a magical energy about a place that’s steeped in history.

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