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    6 Reasons to Stay at a Bed and Breakfast in Charleston

    No matter if you are on vacation or away for several days on a business trip, you need a place to stay that is comfortable and relaxing. You want to stay in a location that provides much value, is clean, and pays attention to the small details. These are the things that will turn your trip into an incredible memory. By choosing a bed and breakfast in Charleston, you can feel like you are at home. You will enjoy those little details that you won’t experience anywhere else.

    Here are several reasons you should consider a B&B when staying in Charleston.

    1. Personable Service

    By choosing your accommodations carefully, you can receive friendly and personable service. Most locations have only a small handful of guests staying, rather than hundreds of guests like when you stay at a hotel. This means you can receive more attention from the hosts and you will enjoy friendly and personable service. No matter if you have questions or concerns, or you want to express feedback, the hosts are usually available and will take your concerns and feedback more to heart than at a large hotel.

    1. Close to Events

    When you stay at the right location, you can be close to many various events throughout the city. In Charleston, for example, there are several upcoming events that can interest individuals of all ages. Some popular events that you may consider attending include:

    Flowertown Festival: The Flowertown Festival is consistently ranked as one of the top 20 events in the southeast. It takes place from April 3 to April 5 in Azalea Park in Summerville. During the festival, you can browse more than 200 artists’ work and purchase your favorite masterpiece. There are also countless activities and types of food to enjoy.

    Charleston Farmers Market: When in the city, you must stop by the Charleston Farmers Market. This event is located in Marion Square and takes place every Saturday from April 14 to November 24. Not only can you browse a wide assortment of products, but there are delicious food items, crafts, live music, and much more to enjoy.

    Volvo Car Open: From April 4 to April 12, the largest women-only tennis tournament will take place at Volvo Car Stadium. More than 100 of the top women tennis players will come to play for a chance at the title. This one event is anticipated to draw in more than 90,000 individuals.

    1. More Home-Like Environment

    One reason many individuals choose a bed and breakfast is the home-like environment it provides. When you stay at a hotel, you are in a small room with little design and color. At a B&B, you feel genuinely cared for. You can enjoy comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and spacious gathering areas. You also can enjoy a delicious breakfast each morning, which will help you get going and have the energy to start the day. You don’t have to worry about stopping at a local fast-food joint to grab a sub-par meal before you start on your daily adventures.

    1. You Can Enjoy the Small Details

    When you choose your accommodations wisely, you can enjoy all the small details. From the beautifully decorated home to the delicious meal, there is something for everyone. These details will ensure you want to come back to the city time and time again. For example, by planning ahead, you can enjoy chocolate covered strawberries or wine in your room. You may also reserve an in-room spa experience to help you relax and truly enjoy your experience in the city.

    1. It is the Perfect Wedding Venue

    If you are looking for a charming, quaint, and incredible wedding, mansion wedding venues in Charleston should be at the top of your list. These locations offer gorgeous landscaping to help you have a picturesque ceremony. The scenery is stunning and it provides the perfect backdrop to help you remember the big day.

    Not only can you have the ceremony here, but your bridal party can stay at these Charleston locations as well. It will make the entire event more streamlined and enjoyable. Plus, you also receive many small details that will add to your overall experience. For example, you may enjoy wine and cheese following the reception and complimentary wireless internet.

    1. Unique Rooms

    Not only do these locations offer a more home-like environment, but they offer unique and gorgeous rooms as well. At the best locations, you can choose from a handful of rooms with specific themes and designs. All rooms typically feature basic items such as large mattresses and TVs, but you may choose from rooms that boast large ceilings, additional seating, and more square footage. By giving you the option to choose the room you desire, you will be more excited to stay in the location and you will feel more comfortable.

    Before making your reservations, do some research. Many bed and breakfast websites will feature a list of the available rooms and several pictures to help you choose the one that best matches your needs and will make you most comfortable during your stay.

    While there are many accommodations when you visit a new city, choose wisely. By choosing a B&B, you will be able to enjoy the above six items, plus much more. You will be more comfortable and will have an easier time creating memories that you will cherish for years to come. When you check out, you will begin planning your next vacation and will be anxious for the day to arrive.

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