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    Let us inspire you with an inside look at the Governor’s House Inn! Discover this historical National Landmark and how it offers the perfect setting for romantic getaways, weddings, vacations and corporate retreats. Each post puts you in the middle of the southern ambiance that you’ll only find at our elegant Charleston bed and breakfast inn!

    3 Things to do on a Trip

    One of the most relaxing places to go and stay for the night is a b&b in Charleston. There are many advantages of staying in a bed and breakfast in Charleston, and since this sort of temporary housing was one of the first ways that hoteling was born in history, then it adds a whole lot more value to one’s stay. A person can enjoy the comfort of living in a home without having to worry about all the chores and headaches that come with it.

    One of the biggest advantages of staying at this type of lodging is that one will surely not get bored because they will have a large variety of things to do.

    Here are three things that a person can do when they go to a bed and breakfast.

    1.   Visit Local Festivals

    Anyone staying at a b&b in Charleston really is missing out if they do not take advantage of the location and go and visit some of the local festivals. Many people come from across the globe just to attend these events and a person should definitely not miss out.

    Whether they go for the annual festival of flowers and houses, or they go for the flowertown festival. Whatever the case is, they are sure to have a really great time. They should make sure to check the calendar online beforehand to see when the events are occurring and how long they will be going on for.

    2.   Relax

    One major factor that most people love about these places is that they get to truly kick back and relax. They get the experience of living at home but they don’t have to worry about the bills, groceries, or even cleaning up. It truly is a good way to get comfortable, relax, and get stress-free all at the same time.

    3.   Build Memories

    A person can also build memories by going to such places. A new family tradition can be born to visit these beautiful places and attend the festivals as well. There really is nothing to lose by going ahead and trying to stay at one of these places for a night or two.

    Staying at a bed and breakfast can be a truly memorable event and anyone who gets the privilege of staying at one of these places can benefit a lot. First of all, they can keep themselves busy by visiting the many different local festivals that are occurring. Another thing a person gets to do is simply relax and enjoy the experience. Lastly, this is the perfect way to build memories and take photos, which will surely be passed on from generation to generation.

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