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    Let us inspire you with an inside look at the Governor’s House Inn! Discover this historical National Landmark and how it offers the perfect setting for romantic getaways, weddings, vacations and corporate retreats. Each post puts you in the middle of the southern ambiance that you’ll only find at our elegant Charleston bed and breakfast inn!

    3 Reasons to Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

    Do you have a family trip in mind or going to a friend’s wedding? It might be a season where a nearby hotel is way too crowded in the fall. Maybe it’s time to consider a b & b in Charleston. There it’ll be a bit more cozy and the family can relax a bit before taking in their destination for the next few days. There’s a certain benefit to being able to relax in an area where there aren’t so many tourists. The family can get rejuvenated and stay somewhere that feels more like home. Here are some of the benefits of staying at this type of inn.

     Start the Day with a Hearty Meal

    One of the main reasons people consider a bed and breakfast in Charleston is due to having a good first meal in the morning. It’s not going to be the continental choice of some muffins, donuts, and a weak cup of coffee. This is the type of morning meal that will actually get the fuel started for the day. It’s more of a gourmet motif, and the family can sit and enjoy it. It’ll be a great way to spend time with loved ones before continuing their journey of the day. It’s a better choice than picking a local fast food spot that won’t give as much nourishment to the body. Another benefit is being in a place to help relax.

    Comfortable Rooms and a Polite Staff

    Customer service is an important thing when it comes to staying in an inn. The mix of cleaner rooms, better bedding, and a more comfortable environment helps to create a relaxing atmosphere. A local hotel chain doesn’t offer that same service. The staff is there to accommodate the family to help them feel more welcome. By having this comfort, it’ll really feel like a good getaway from home. The family will be more at ease, and it’ll relieve much needed stress after a long week. Another reason to stay here is meeting some great people while on the journey.

    Able to Interact with Different People

    An inn has a more intimate setting where it’s not just about going to rest after a long day. There could be a recreation room where the family can meet others from different places. It’s a good way to converse with others and possibly do an activity like hiking or going out to an event for the evening. In a traditional hotel, there may not be this type of opportunity to build a friendship with people over the course of a few days.

    By staying at a b & b in Charleston, it’ll not only be a good way to recharge, but it helps the family get closer while on their vacation.


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