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    3 Reasons to Get Married in South Carolina’s Top City – and 3 Reasons You Might Want to Stay

    For those looking to get married, there are a number of historic wedding venues in Charleston, South Carolina. South Carolina’s coastline has generally been one of the fastest-growing areas in the past few years and the state’s ‘Holy City’ is one of its main contributors to this trend with its booming economy. But it is also host to a variety of amazing backdrops, including its many beaches and stunning architecture. Together with a busy event schedule, the city is not only a perfect destination to get married, but also dangerously seductive as a long-term home. So a word of ‘caution’: if you are looking to host your tie-knotting ceremony there, you might end up wanting to stay in ‘Chucktown.’

    Don’t believe us? Here are only three reasons to get married at one of the historic wedding venues in Charleston, South Carolina.

    Reason #1: Amazing Locations

    Whatever your preferences are, you will find your perfect location in the ‘Holy City.’ From busy downtown locations to a number of mansion wedding venues in Charleston or more intimate settings – the options the city and its surrounding area have to offer are basically endless. Don’t be afraid to pick an outdoor location either, whether, on one of its many picturesque beaches or parks, the city is a great and reliable outdoor host thanks to its nearly year-long warm climate.

    Reason #2: Easy Planning

    Picking a location might be easy. But what about all the other steps involved in planning your special day, from choosing the flower arrangements to booking a band, or even last-minute emergencies, including outfits? Don’t worry, the Holy City has you covered.

    There are many, many businesses specializing in providing services for your special day, including local planners. The same holds true for accommodations: there are a great variety of places to accommodate you and your guests and enjoy some famous southern hospitality.

    Reason #3: Budget Friendly

    It is no secret that getting married is expensive. From booking the location to the food and flower arrangements to dresses and everything else that goes with making your special day extra-special: there are so many expenses – some larger, some smaller – that can add up quickly. Choosing to host a destination ceremony can be even more expensive, not only for the bride and groom but for everybody involved.

    That is where South Carolina’s favorite coastal destination comes through. Hosting your ceremony at one of the many mansion wedding venues in Charleston and historic inns in Charleston is affordable. And the best part: the city is very honeymoon-friendly too.

    From day spas to golf courses, and beaches to the amazing local restaurant scene – the Holy City is worth exploring and makes for a relaxing, inexpensive honeymoon location. So why not stay a bit longer at historic inns in Charleston for your honeymoon?

    These are just a few reasons why you should look into booking one of the mansion wedding venues in Charleston, South Carolina. However, we are confident you like it so much here, that you might end up staying – whether just for your honeymoon or even beyond that. To make your decision easier we have compiled another short list of reasons to stay in the Holy City for as long as you want, or as the city’s own Stephen Colbert would say: “stick around.”

    Reason #1: Good Job And Education Opportunities

    Imagine the following scenario: two newlyweds find themselves falling in love with the Holy City while tying the knot here. They begin joking about moving here. Sound outrageous? Not to us. And to be quite frank, moving here might not be a bad idea.

    The city is one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States, fueled by a thriving economy that hits growth rates above the national average. From Boeing production facilities to a traditional strong military presence, the city offers professional opportunities for everyone – even for the little ones.

    The city’s school district is the second-largest in the state and spans 1,000 miles. From quality elementary schools like Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary to colleges like Trident Technical College or military institutions like The Citadel – your kids can get a fully rounded quality education here as well.

    Reason #2: Vibrant City Life

    Getting married at historic wedding venues in Charleston and staying for a few days is one thing. But once you live here and get to experience the city in the long run, you will realize just how vibrant a place it truly is. The sheer number of beaches and parks have already been mentioned, as well as the warm climate that makes outdoor activities feasible almost year-round. But the city has a lot more to offer, from water festivals to sporting events like the River Dogs baseball team’s home games or live music –the city has something to offer for everybody.

    Reason #3: Perfectly Located

    While being located on the Atlantic coast is an upside, you may sometimes want to get away from the water. That is no problem. Thanks to South Carolina’s unique landscape, you are just a four-hour drive away from Asheville, North Carolina, in the smoky mountains. Other cities like Charlotte and Atlanta are about the same distance away and perfect destinations for a weekend getaway. And if you are looking to escape for a little longer or a little further away, the city’s airport is located about twenty minutes away from downtown.

    From choosing your mansion wedding venues in Charleston or staying at a historic inn during your honeymoon, to permanently moving to the Holy City may seem like a big step, but there are plenty of good reasons to consider taking it. If you are skeptical, just book a quick getaway to the Holy City and stay at a historic inn in Charleston. See for yourself and be enchanted by the Holy City.


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