Shopping on King Street in Charleston, SC

Shopping on King Street in CharlestonWhen it comes to shopping, King Street in historic Charleston is truly hard to beat.  King Street truly has something to offer to everyone.  You’ll find many unique shops and galleries all throughout King Street which include:  clothing stores, book stores, restaurants, mens fashion, women’s fashion, shoes, and more.  Here’s an overview of shopping on King Street and what you will have available to you when you visit Charleston:

Antique Galleries
What would a trip to Charleston be without paying a visit to one of our great antique galleries?  You’ll find truly unique treasures, furniture, and fixtures that you can’t find anywhere else.  King Street has some of the finest antique establishments in the Southeast.  Make sure you pay a visit to one of them.

Art Galleries
Once again, art and Charleston have truly become synonymous.  You’ll find many great galleries on King Street, in between shops, as well as scattered all over the peninsula.   If you are interested in a specific gallery or want recommendations, ask us directly and we’d be glad to share our favorites.

Restaurants & Unique Cafés
If you are looking for a unique eatery, you’ll find quite a few scattered all across King Street.  If you are interested in having a great lunch, consider the intersection of King Street and Queen Street.  After you’ve had a day of shopping.  You take a very short stroll down Queen Street from King and you will run into three great restaurants:  82 Queen, Poogan’s Porch, and Husk.  These are all great lunch options and each one is unique in its own right.

One of a Kind Gift Shops & Specialty Shops
Are you looking for a souvenir or a unique gift to bring to family and friends.  You should consider Market Street Sweets on King Street.   Take a stroll by this store if you are in the mood for something sweet, or if you are looking for a gift for someone special.  You can pick from many different gift baskets, and enjoy a praline sample.

Men’s Fashion
You’ll find many great names in Men’s fashion all across King Street.  Near the corner of King and Queen Street, you’ll find Billy Reed, a truly great name in men’s fashion.  Also, on the corner of King Street and Broad Street you’ll find Berlin’s Clothing.  Berlin’s has been in business for a long time and has truly become a household name in Charleston’s fashion scene.  You’ll find many great quality selections for men.   This is just a small sample of what you’ll find in terms of men’s fashion along King Street.

Women’s Fashion
There are so many great boutiques and women’s clothing stores across King Street.   You could easily spend an entire day shopping.  We recommend not only walking through King Street, but also take a leisurely stroll through Charleston Place.  You’ll find more great stores!

Photo:  Charleston’s TheDigitel




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