How to Plan a Vacation to Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC Are you considering planning a vacation to Charleston, SC but don’t know where to start.  There are so many things to do and see in and around Charleston, that it can quickly become overwhelming to set plans and develop an itinerary.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Here are 3 quick tips on how to plan a vacation to Charleston, SC to help you plan the perfect trip to Charleston, SC:

1.  Start Planning Well Ahead of Time

Planning well ahead of time is one way you can ensure that your time in Charleston, SC will be well spent.  As a local bed and breakfast in Charleston South Carolina, we can help provide you with advice on what to do and see in the area.  Take the time up front to research what you want to do and see and plan ahead by booking tours, purchasing tickets, and making reservations.  That way, you’ll have no worries on what to do and where to go when you get to the Lowcountry.

2.  Set Your Plans to Tour the City

There are many different ways to see the Charleston peninsula, so you should plan ahead how you want to tour through downtown.  You can opt to see the city by foot, or you can reserve bikes at the inn, a carriage tour, or boat ride around the harbor.  When it comes to witnessing what Charleston has to offer and experiencing the history, there is no better way than to embark on a sightseeing tour.  These tours vary by mode of transport: bike, carriage, foot, and boat.  The carriage tours through downtown take visitors back in time through the alleyways and streets. Whereas, the boat tours give you a unique vantage point to view the peninsula’s architecture and see why Charleston is called the Holy City!

3.  Reserve Your Spot at the Dinner Table!

Many of the visitors to Charleston come to experience the great cuisine.  You’ll have a range of restaurants to choose from, whether you are looking for fresh seafood or something truly Southern. As your local Charleston bed and breakfast, we want to help make your stay as great as possible. We know the area, and we can help provide you restaurant recommendations in Charleston no matter the time of day or season.  Make sure you plan ahead and book your reservations early so you can eat when and where you desire!



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