3 Quick Tips to Make Your Visit to Charleston, SC a Success…

Are you planning to visit Charleston in the near future?  You are in luck if you are planning a trip soon, because this time of year is absolutely splendid.  Spring gives you the opportunity to see Charleston in full bloom, and the mild weather is hard to beat.  When you do decide to make your visit to Charleston, remember these tips to help make your vacation a success:

Start With A List

When it comes to Charleston, there is plenty of things to do and see.  You can check out the Charleston Visitor’s Bureau or Charleston Only for ideas on what to take part in.  If you know you are ready to book your Charleston vacation, make sure you start with a list.  Write down all of your ideas:  restaurants you would like to try, plantations you would like to visit, and museums you would like to see.  Take this list and try to nail down the must sees and then plan accordingly.

Plan Ahead of Time

Charleston is a premier tourist destination, voted number 1 by Conde Nast in 2011, and so it stays fairly busy throughout the year.  You will want to make sure you plan and book your trip ahead of time.  You will have a variety of activities, restaurants, museums, and historic sites to chose from which can make your planning overwhelming if you are on a time crunch.  We recommending planning far enough in advance as you can given the increased costs for plane tickets and travel, but still make sure you know when and where your events are taking place before you book your trip.

Come Hungry

It is honestly best that you know well ahead of time, that Charleston is a hungry person’s dream city. You can chose from a wide range of restaurants that all offer not only unbelievable menus, but great ambiance and service.  When you make your trip to Charleston, bring your appetite and make sure to book your dinner reservations ahead of time to ensure you make the most of your time in the Holy City!

We at the Governor’s House Inn, want your trip to Charleston to be a success.  We want you to feel and experience Charleston and make the most of your time here.  Call on us and we can help you book and plan your vacation ahead of time.  We can provide advice from dinner recommendations to must see historic sites.  Contact us today to start planning your vacation.

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