2nd Sundays on King Street, A Local Charleston Tradition

Second Sundays on King Street started to give pedestrians an opportunity to enjoy this shop-lined street while it is free of vehicular traffic from Calhoun to Broad.  It is a great opportunity to walk freely and explore all that King Street has to offer.  When you are visiting Charleston over a second Sunday of the month, be sure to check it out.  This past Sunday was a great example of what you can expect from this tradition, 2 Sunday on King Street.  Here is a recap from this past Sunday:

2nd Sunday on King Street

2nd Sunday on King Street is always special…  This past Sunday was  an official venue for the 22nd Annual Lowcountry Blues Bash, that runs from February 8-21 all over the Lowcountry. 2nd Sunday regular Sollie “Puddin’” Jenkins was joined by Lightnin’ Wells, Luke Wilson and the Steady Hand String Band, Michael Linsday, Daniel Mackey, Matt Lohan, Austin Fitzhenry and the Honey Bees.

Charleston’s major sports events and professional teams joined this past 2nd Sunday as well. Sports events don’t get any more major than the 2012 PGA Championship teeing off at Kiawah this August. The Family Circle Cup was there as well with information, tickets and merchandise… 

The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition was there too, reminding us that SEWE happens the following weekend.  

2nd Sundays on King

2nd Sundays are always a fun time to explore one of Charleston’s most popular streets.  If you are visiting Charleston and here through a second Sunday of the month, be sure to check out this great tradition!

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